Monday, February 9, 2009

It Just Goes On and On

It just goes on and on around here with Granny Annie.
What you are viewing is my very first afghan that I ever made. I don't know what year I made it though. I would have to guesstimate that it is at least ten years old.
Ok, so I got a little carried away. My first afghan measures out to over 8ft. by 5ft. Hey no laughing! So I went a bit overboard. Don't forget that this was my first afghan. But in all honesty, when I was making it, the afghans just measured out to short for me. Because my hubby is tall and I just wanted a big afghan that we all could use when we were watching t.v. or something. I didn't want one that left your feet hanging out and came only up to your chest.
But here are a few more pics with the details more visible. I didn't take care when washing my first afghans so it has a lot of those little pills (fuzzy balls) on it.
I got the directions for this afghan in "I can't believe I'm crocheting" booklet by Leisure Arts. I'm not sure, but maybe someone could tell me, that I can't scan the directions of the pattern to this post because of copy right reasons. I'm not sure though how that works and I don't want to get in trouble. So that's why I just informed you where the pattern came from.
Right now it's been sitting in my closet. Maybe I could wash it up and give it to my daughter who has her own home now.
I'm still working on my unborn grandson's baby blanket and that it coming along nicely.
I just ♥ to crochet. It's so much fun!
Please leave a comment. I would love to visit your webpages or blogs.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

For My Unborn Grandson

I am starting a baby ripple afghan for my unborn grandson who will be here at the end of this May. So since he will be almost a summer baby I wasn't sure if I wanted to crochet him an afghan until I found this yarn. It just seems thinner to me and much more softer for a newborns little face. So I think that it could still be used when he is born. What do you think? Also what do you think of the yarn? Isn't it so neat? I've never used this type of yarn before. The picture will enlarge when you click onto it.
I just happened to stumble across it at JoAnn Fabric store. I seen the pattern on the paper cover of the skein. So all I had to do was buy the four skeins of yarn that it required. So I like how this pattern came to me while not really looking for a pattern. Because when I'm looking for one I tend to have a problem with making decisions on which pattern to choose from. I'm very picky and choosy when it comes to patterns because I don't crochet all the time. But I'm hoping that this blog will change that. So the patterns that I do chose, I want them to be perfect.
On the downside to this spontaneous find of a pattern is that it is to easy. It's for beginners. And therefore I'm not learning. I like patterns with a slight challenge. Maybe with a new stitch or something like that. But this pattern is pretty much your standard double crochet stitch throughout the whole pattern. But that's ok I guess. The good side to it is that it won't take me long to finish it. But anyway, enough blabbering and here is the beginning of the baby blanket. And of course I will post it to show you when I am finished. Which shouldn't be to long. I do love the yarn though and I would definitely use it again. It's so soft, I would love to make a scarf for myself using this type of yarn. It's sooooo soft.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What The Heck!

What in the heck! Now how in the heck did this happen. If you think, that I'm going to spend my day, trying to get this knot out of this yarn, your wrong. It's worth going up to JoAnn Fabrics and buying another skein for $6 and just tossing this mess in the garbage. Or I could save it for crafts. Please tell me that this happens to the best of crocheters...(sigh).

Monday, February 2, 2009

Under Construction

This new blog is under construction. Please keep stopping in to look around. I will be showing crochet projects that I have done in the past. Some stuff that I am working on now. And maybe we can give each other some tips along the way. I'm not a beginner in crocheting but a little past being a beginner, whatever that would be. We can move along together as we grow in our crafty journey together. But I would like to hear from experts at crocheting as well. That is how we learn our craft by conveying information to each other and sharing tips on this beautiful craft. I am a self taught crocheter. My sister couldn't teach me no matter how many times she tried to explain it to me. My maternal grandmother did some crocheting herself. Along with my mother. So I hope you all will stop back by soon. If you want to leave a comment to let you me know that you stopped in, that would be great. I'm so excited about my new crochet blog and I can't wait to get it up and running!