Monday, March 2, 2009

My Crochet Caddy

Whenever I would crochet, I would have all of this stuff laying around. Paper and pens to take notes with. Scissors with scraps of yarn all over the place. Yarn and crochet needles. My handy dandy crocheters help book. The list just goes on and on. So about a year or two ago I went up to the craft stores to see what I could find. I found this little hobby caddy case. It sort of looks like a man's fishing tackle box. My hubby makes fun of me and asks me what in the heck is in there. I told him everything I need for my crochet projects.
Don't you hate when you get all settled in with your project on your lap and your getting into the groove of it all and then all of the sudden you have to get up to blow your nose. Or you've got a little piece of dry skin hanging from your fingertips snagging on your yarn. Your your lips become dry from counting out stitches. Or you just needed to get organized. You want to keep your scissors somewhere safe.
Well I took care of all of that when I purchased my hobby caddy case. I even took a picture to show you of all the stuff I usually keep in there to help my stay organized and to help me from having to get up from a project and losing my crochet spot or just losing that momentum.
As you can see on top, I have my pen and paper to take notes with. I have my mini measuring tape that always comes in handy for gage's and finished projects and so forth. My markers for counting. I even have a little nail file for all of those little hang nails or dry skin that keeps snagging on my yarn. I'd like to add baby nail clippers in there to.
The second tray holds some hand lotion, kleenex and crochet needles for threading in all those tails. The light blue are pointy and the dark blue are the blunt ones. I also have my chap stick. My lips always get so dry when I'm crocheting.
Then in the bottom of my hobby caddy case is my crochet needles of all sizes. See how I crocheted cases for them? It helps so that they don't keep clinking into each other at the bottom of the case. I also have my crocheters help book. I also keep my crochet patterns in there that I would like to make one day. There are a few of those bells from a previous project that I was working on. I crocheted little bells for my Christmas tree and they were giving me a heck of a time. I made a few and moved on. I'd like to go back to them one day. Because they are cute.
So there you have it. Just a few things to help me keep the important stuff on hand when I'm settling in to work on my crochet projects.
My hubby makes fun of me because of the kleenex. He says I'm always blowing my nose. He says, "I see you got your kleenex." I swear, guys no nothing about crocheting, lol.
So do any of you crocheters out there have a little caddy to help you stay organized? Or to keep the things close by in a caddy so you don't have to put down your crocheting project?
I'm still working on my baby blanket for my unborn grandson. I'm almost half way through now. I haven't been working on it to much but I have worked on it some this morning. I'll show you that when I'm finished. Happy crocheting!


Aaydens Mommy said...

That is a great idea! As you know, I don't really crochet, but I do know what you mean about having to get up when you are in the middle fo a project. I can't stand that!!! =) Hope you are having a nice day!

Anonymous said...

I love your caddy idea.. I only have a cloth zippered case that I made that I keep my hooks in and the rest of it is toted around in a basket. If you check out my blog today you'll see my current project in a basket. It works but I can't keep everything in it so I'm going to be looking for me a plastic caddy to use..
Thanks for the great idea... and happy crocheting.

Femin Susan said...

Good idea..... Thanks for sharing......

Mike & Ann said...

I remember in 1953, the year of our Queen's coronation,my late grandmother crocheted a tea cosy in the shape of the crown. She used the correct colour wools for all the different precious stones, and it was made to the correct size of the crown. I don't know where she got the pattern, if she had one. Probably she'd kept one from Victoria's last jubilee. She use the cosy for years.
Regards, Mike and Ann.

Aaydens Mommy said...

Come on Granny, we need another post! where you been? LOL j/k.

wendy said...

I like your caddy what a neat idea!